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We started Forever Folk in 2015 as a project we could do to together as a couple, now we tackle this endeavour of ours as husband and wife. To us, it is not a business but project we hold very dear to our hearts. We decided very early on in its inception that we would never do more than one wedding on a weekend, neither would we do more than a certain amount of weddings a year. This keeps both us and you happy.

We’re also not strictly only wedding photographers, we’re lifestyle photographers and we choose to see what we photograph as a narrative. Our job is to do ‘people watching’, we love to capture things like your first dance, but we pride ourselves in also showing you how your dad, sister, friend or your child stood in awe watching you. Your pictures should spark memories. We’re not in the business of just producing pretty pictures, to be quite honest we’ll never prop you up against a tree or make you miss a good laugh because we’re trying to get our portfolio shot. During the time we spend with you, we’re allies. We’ve always parted with couples, businesses, and people, only to feel like that person in some way, shape or form has enriched our lives.

Forever Folk not only implies that we’re the folks that make your memories last forever but it also references a lifestyle. To live simply, to love simply and to never lose sight what really matters.


A Fist Full of Bolts | Sara Lobla | Dylan M Howell | Sarah K Byrne | Sara Lando | Ben Sasso | Serafin Castillo | Phil Chester | Benj Haisch



Our story starts in 2008. It has been one wonderful eight-year journey for us and what we share has inspired not only Forever Folk but also enriched both our lives.

It is such a difficult task explaining to someone who you are. Sometimes the best indication is to know what makes someone smile, what they spend their time doing and who they choose to spend it with. We’re both workaholics when we’re not photographing your beautiful faces, combined we have various other projects that we’re just as passionate about. We’re firm believers that no one is just one thing. We live in a world filled with possibilities and we intend to grab each one with both hands. André is busy completing his doctorate studies with his main focus being Rabies prevention and education. He also works at a non-governmental organisation which is dedicated to just this. Rita is a freelance art director. In 2014 Rita also started her blog called Rita Hello as somewhat of a visual diary. The blog led to a great freelance opportunity to write for Neighbourhood, a Sunday Times supplement.

André loves Japanese culture, Rita is a francophile. His favourite Wes Anderson film is The Life Aquatic with Steve Zissou and hers is The Grand Budapest Hotel. André’s convinced that Snatch is the better Guy Ritchie film, Rita prefers Lock, Stock, and Two Smoking Barrels. We both love enjoying a gin and tonic or a real strong cup of coffee on our patio. Recently we’ve been obsessed with a podcast called The Paper Year and we love to annoy our cat Kahla with overbearing cuddling.

Perhaps the best way to get to know us is to watch our wedding video by the talented Saltlight Studios. It was the best day of our lives and Gustav captured its essence beautifully.



 Photo Credit | Wednesday and October